AI-Integrated Imaging Solutions

Smart Video Surveillance System :- for public safety and security using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligent Logic to ensure whether any abnormality is there or not in public places.

Intelligent Traffic Video Surveillance System for :-

Automatic Traffic Signal Control using Artificial Intelligent and Computer Vision technique.

Speed Measurement System for Highway and City Traffic using Computer Vision and Image Processing.

Highway Traffic Monitoring System using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligent .

Smart Medical Solutions using AI

AI Integrated CPAP for the patient who are suffering for poor respiratory problem- more over this is AI enabled Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device which consists lots of excellent features, can easily distinguishable from others.


Method and Apparatus For Breast Cancer Detection By Portable Wearable Device will be one of the break through for the patient who can get an early detection for their breast cancer.

Portable Wearable Device for Breast Cancer Detection – Uroja